Military Body Inspection and Soldier Humiliation

A clip starring Belle, Stormy

Belle, Stormy in Military Body Inspection and Soldier Humiliation

In this clip: groping, faceless/anonymous, humiliation, inspection, foot worship, stripping

Prisoner Belle lays hooded, handcuffed and senseless on a table in a cell; a military appears, and silently he begins fondling the bare legs, and starts worshipping the limp feet, until a blonde officer comes in and accidentally catches him in the act. 

Both quite embarrassed, they try to save the situation by pretending nothing has happened; the blonde officer orders him to help her in uncuffing and undressing Belle, as she wants to have a look at her tattoos. They undress and move the body for some time, before the blonde officer explicitly asks what he was doing, and makes the military confess his fetish for feet. 
At this point, she decides to humiliate him by ordering him to kneel down, and starts worshipping the limp soles without touching himself and oinking all the time, while she uses the limp feet to slap his face as he licks. 
At some point he feels so humiliated that he escapes, leaving the blonde officer alone with the limp girl.