Belle Fatale Limp Foot Assault

A clip starring Belle Fatale

Belle Fatale in Belle Fatale Limp Foot Assault

In this clip: assault, face play, ragdolling, groping, inspection, foot worship

He stands behind some trees, just out of sight from his new victim, he has been following her for a while and his dream influenced his actions as he watches the new victim getting out of her car from work and heading through her gate into her yard towards the door. As she goes through the gate she is distracted by the phone ringing and heads in the house to get out of her clothes and talk to her BF before they go out for dinner. The creep waits for the coast to clear and heads to the gate, which didn't latch and is open, he has his ski mask on so just in case, he won't be made. While he sneaks and looks through the windows, he sees the young woman, in a silk robe and talking on the phone in a big chair with her sexy feet on the ottoman, crossed and rubbing her feet after a hard day. She talks sexy to her man and tells him she needs to shower before he gets there in a couple hours. As she heads to the shower the creep is at the window with his tools, breaking in and coming through the window. As the shower starts the young woman sings beautifully, a rendition of a very good song as he cleans up and washes herself for her date and sexy time with her man. She is very content and happy as she finishes up her shower and song ready to have a fun night. She wraps in a towel and heads to the bedroom where the creep has already made his way to. The young woman sets her phone on the counter top in the kitchen as she heads toward her room, when she reaches her door, the phone rings, she hesitates and turns toward the phone and a masked man is barely seen offscreen and take her down to the floor in a struggle. Her feet kick and flail in many directions as they stick out of the door of the room. She fights but he is playing with her this time and he chokes her until she passes out, then drags her into the room placing her on the bed. He folds her arms across her chest mummy style and he sets the right leg over the left at the feet crossed. He gets his phone out and takes a few pics of her and her feet. After a few snaps of pics he slowly makes his way sitting next to her side and caresses her face and slowly down to her feet. He rubs, sniffs, and kisses her sexy feet and toes, taking his time with each foot separately then together. He is very meticulous about the feet and she has the nice ones, similar to the last victim.