Assault On The Sleepy Horny Maid

A clip starring Carmel Anderson

Carmel Anderson in Assault On The Sleepy Horny Maid

In this clip: face play, groping, POV, fucking, masturbation, trance, amateur, stripping

Sexy maid Carmel Anderson keeps being molested by the young house owner, while she's cleaning the house. She protests, and they have a discussion. He expects her to be nice to him, or she has to leave. She decides to leave, as she's a professional girl loyal to her boyfriend.

That evening, before collapsing on the bed, she has a phone call with her boyfriend informing him that she's leaving the job. Then she falls asleep, still in her outfit, as she's really tired.
That's when the home owner creep sneaks into the room, holding a recording camera: if he can't have her normally and she's leaving, he wants to record footage of her body and grope her while she sleeps... But, soon he realizes she's sleeping and dreaming about her boyfriend: he can talk with her pretending to be her boyfriend, and she answers back in her sleep as if she's with him. She talks naughty... So he soon takes his dick out and begins asking for a handjob, and she starts stroking his cock in hr sleep dreaming she is stroking her beloved boyfriend... He gropes her bum, exposes her pussy, and she's all wet in her dreams... Until he goes above her and starts fucking her (simulated) while she dreams she's being fucked by her boyfriend and loves it...