Revenge on the Banker

A clip starring Ammalia, Tasha

Ammalia, Tasha in Revenge on the Banker

In this clip: assault, chloroform, cumshot, ragdolling, groping, hands, humiliation, inspection, foot worship, masturbation, stripping, feet, legs, breasts, brunette, smart/business

Tasha is a bank executive. She's at Ammalia's home telling her that she has an order to repossess the house as the bank needs the money. Ammalia listens. Tasha gives her some papers to look at and tells Ammalia that she needs to sign them. Ammalia looks at the papers and asks Tasha "drink?".  Tasha says she will have some tea. Ammalia gets up to get the tea, but when she is behind Tasha, she produces a rag and chloroforms the banker in a struggle.

Ammalia then starts to play with Tasha's body. She partially undresses her. Exposes her big boobs and pussy. She takes off her shoes and starts to play with her feet and toes, with the stockings on. She pays attention to her toes through the material, sucking the toes. She then works her way up to Tasha's pussy and does some (simulated) pussy licking.
She then stops and calls her partner on her cell phone. She says, Banker Bitch is here. Come.

Next scene, Tasha is lying on the bed out cold still. Skirt up, pussy showing, stocking on. No shoes. Blouse open bra, pulled up, but tits showing. The boyfriend comes in with the papers. He puts the papers down and  checks out Tasha. He takes off her stockings and puts them behind her. He plays with her toes and feet. He then takes off Tasha's blouse and bra and checks out her tits. He then moves to her pussy, again giving us a some nice views. 
Tasha wakes up. She is panics, then looks around and realizes what has happened.  She looks at the papers and says, Ok, ok, you can keep your house. But he wants more. She hesitates then takes out his dick and gives him a hand job. He cums on her tits and leaves.