KO Limp Ballerina

A clip starring Nausica

Nausica in KO Limp Ballerina

In this clip: ragdolling, inspection, knockout

Nausica is practising dressed up as a ballerina, with proper ballet shoes. She does some poses, then starts to try doing some spins but she ends up slipping. She falls down, hitting her head against the bedside. Something snaps, it's probably beyond repair. She lies down limp on the floor, until her mate comes home and finds the limp body there.

He tries her best to wake her up but no response. Then , instead of looking for help, he decides to ragdoll her body a bit, so he carries her upon the bed and begins exposing her neck, playing with her limp head. He even turns the body on the belly and lifts and moves the limp head by holding it up by the hair. Still no response from Nausica, so he goes to her feet and proceeds undoing the ballet shoes, exposing her soles and groping them for a bit.