Sleepy Auntie Over The Edge

A clip starring Storm

Storm in Sleepy Auntie Over The Edge

In this clip: gas, POV, amateur, mature

Auntie Storm has come to visit my parents and will stay overnight. Shoot an intro where she talks to me (pov, do not talk back) being very happy to see me and excited that we're all going to have a fun day under the sun tomorrow.

But she's tired, she has been traveling all day. She goes into her bedroom.

Soon she calls me back asking for a glass of water. She is going to take some sleeping pills, and her shoes are off so I can't help staring at her nyloned feet.
She tells me that she is going to sleep solidly with these and says good night

Later on I sneak into her bedroom: she is fully in bed, barefoot and wearing her PJ. I make sure she is asleep: she is like dead. I lift the duvet exposing her bare feet, get very close to her soles and begin to worship them. there is no reaction from her, she can't feel me.

I drag her until her feet are hanging over the bed's edge, like in the other clip. There I take a pair of sexy open sandals and pay with her feet by slipping them on, dangling them, slapping them against her soles admiring the beauty of her soles.

It's going to be my little dirty secret, having enjoyed my auntie's sleepy soles!