Chloe Toy Forced To Bed By Psycho Auntie Faye

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Faye Taylor

Chloe Toy, Faye Taylor in Chloe Toy Forced To Bed By Psycho Auntie Faye

In this clip: gas, ragdolling, inspection, girl/girl, redressing, mature, stripping, family affairs

Young Chloe Toy is about to go out and have a messy night, all dressed in leather. She tells her to her conservative auntie, who seems to be really worried about it and strongly disapproves. But Chloe doesn't care, so the auntie manages to have her drink some kind of special drink, and Chloe Toy finds herself really tired, she can barely walk... The auntie leads her to the bedroom where she proceeds stripping Chloe Toy naked, actually appreciating her sexy kinky clothing, and redressing her limp body into a very sweet and innocent pajamas.
In the process, she actually gropes her niece's body sensually, as every controversial conservative would do.
She gets out of the room carrying the clothing with her.

Later Chloe Toy wakes up and finds herself dressed in the pajamas. She can't find her outfit. She doesn't understand and she still feels groggy, she can barely walk... Enough to go into the other room and find her auntie holding all her clothing! She starts asking to have them back as she wants to get out, but the conservative auntie keeps talking to her in a very parental way, inviting her to go back to bed... But Chloe Toy wants to get out and after an argument manages to have her clothes back and change back into them, ready to go out... but the psycho auntie won't let her go, and they end up in a fight. Chloe Toy is still too weak and dazed, so the auntie manages to lead her back into the bedroom.
One last attempt from Chloe Toy, but the auntie silences her down, by slapping her on the face, which causes the poor Chloe Toy to fall down limp and out.

The psycho auntie proceeds to undress the limp body once again, redress the niece into the pajamas, and tuck her body into bed, leaving and carrying her kinky clothing away again.
What a super clip, this is a movie!