Auntie Ammalia Tucks Niece Chloe to Bed

A clip starring Ammalia, Chloe Toy

Ammalia, Chloe Toy in Auntie Ammalia Tucks Niece Chloe to Bed

In this clip: oral, gas, groping, foot worship, girl/girl, masturbation, stripping, family affairs

Auntie Ammalia is being visited by her niece, school girl Chloe.  Ammalia offers to make some tea for Chloe, who is not feeling well.  While preparing the tea, however, Ammalia mixes in some mysterious drops with Chloe's tea. Chloe feels better after drinking it, but begins to feel tired soon after she finishes drinking it.  Ammalia suggests Chloe take a nap and escorts her to the bedroom where Chloe falls asleep in Ammalia's arms soon after they sit on the bed.  Lecherous Auntie Ammalia then undresses Chloe and begins worshipping her body with special emphasis on the feet.  She also masturbates Chloe before (simulated) oral sex.  Once Lecherous Ammalia is satisfied, she finally tucks the naked girl in bed under the sheets with only her head and bare arms and shoulders exposed.  In a now motherly way, Ammalia puts a stuffed animal under one of Chloe's and kisses her on the cheek or forehead.