Limp Sister Nikita Ass Jerk

A clip starring Nikita

Nikita in Limp Sister Nikita Ass Jerk

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Sister Nikita walks in the bathroom after a night spent partying. She can barely walk, barely reach the toilet and feel sick, before going limp on the floor. This very amateurish video shoot on tripod shows what happens when I found her unconscious limp body there, dressed in her party stockings.

Along all the video I keep groping her ass and shaking her limp body on the floor; I taker her shoes and stockings off exposing her feet; I worship them, and keep groping and hitting that ass, slapping it with my penis as I masturbate. In the end I cum all over her wonderful bum, which is what she deserves for partying too much and leaving me alone to deal with her unconscious body.