Akeira Pizza Assault

A clip starring Akeira

Akeira in Akeira Pizza Assault

In this clip: assault, face play, groping, fucking, inspection, knockout

Akeira orders a pizza from home; when the delivery guy arrives she opens the door and he can't avoid staring at her lovely ass... He leaves but can't stop thinking about it, so he knocks back at her door and punches her, knocking her out.
He enters the room and starts inspecting her limp body on the floor - Playing with her face, checking her eyes, playing with her bare legs and finally admiring her ass for a while.
He then takes her panties off exposing her genitals, and sets her doggiestyle with the bum up, and begins a (simulated) fucking scene while she flops limp at every stroke.
He then leaves, and the camera pans around her exposed bum and genitals.