Limp Assault Footabuse Stella

A clip starring Stella

Stella in Limp Assault Footabuse Stella

In this clip: assault, chloroform, face play, POV, foot worship, nylons, amateur

Language: italian!

We spy Stella in a long introduction, alone at home while she does her business - sitting in the kitchen, standing in the bathroom, and making a long phone call with her feet resting on the table for amazing closeups of her soles.

After several minutes, when she walks out of the bathroom, we see an intruder waiting for her behind a corner; just enough time for her to walk past that point, and she is grabbed and chloroformed! Soon her body collapses dead in the intruder's arms, and he drops it to the floor.
After some camera pans, the intruder carries Stella's limp body into the bedroom and tosses her on the bed.

There he starts to play with her feet, and it's a pure foot fetish delight! Face up and face down, foot worship, extreme closeups including POV foot worship simulation using GoPro (literally, the foot filling up the screen!)