Kelly Ass Smelling and Groping Assault

A clip starring Kelly

Kelly in Kelly Ass Smelling and Groping Assault

In this clip: assault, chloroform, groping, hands, injection, inspection, sniffing, masturbation, stripping

Sexy legged Kelly is walking into a room when she is attacked from behind and chloroformed (note: the proper chloro scene is not shown because Kelly wants to stay anonymous and her face is never displayed: you just see her legs and hear her moanings during this).
Once she's gone, the evil guy dumps her on the bed, and his hands jump on his beautiful round bum, groping the butts and the thighs, sinking the fingers on her firm flesh... He pulls these leggings down, and the first thing he does is giving that round bum an injection, just to make sure she stays solid limp for some time.
Then he starts sinking his face between her butts, and sniffing and licking her ass and vagina through her panties.
He grabs her limp hand and wraps her fingers around it, giving himself a handjob - But he also slaps his dick on her bum, occasionally bringing his face down again and sinking it into her crotch. He also fucks her thighs, and keeps using her limp body as an entertainment for his dick. She is so firm and hot!