Ashley Lane's Perfect Date

A clip starring

 in Ashley Lane's Perfect Date

In this clip: chloroform, face play, ragdolling, groping, inspection, stripping, neck, legs, breasts, genitals, blonde

Ashley Lane is a sexy Graduate student finishing up her degree in Philosophy before joining the workforce. She is the dream girl for Rex, Ashley’s colleague.

One day, he invites her to his garden where he’ll show off his plants but deep down, he has other intentions. Ashley agrees and the two of them chats after brunch. While Rex is explaining to Ashley that’s she’s looking at flora, he soaks a rag with chloroform and inches towards Ashley as her attention is currently shifted towards the pretty plants. Without warning, he strikes.
Ashley tried her best to defend herself and kicked away to break free of Rex’s grasp but she was not strong enough. Soon, the kicking ceased and Ashley was out. He lets her down so he can begin to check her out. Ashley’s sexy slender body was very inviting as Rex happily fondled her. He makes his way up her face to engage in some passionate hair smelling and neck kisses as well as some tongue inspection.
He takes his time to enjoy her perfect C-cup breasts. He gropes them for some time before making his way down to her sexy legs. He lifts her skirt to expose her silver stud-pierced clitoris. Ashley’s arousing scent has reduced Rex to his primitive instincts as he goes wild on her unconscious body, performing all sorts of licking, sniffing, and worshiping to her breasts and pussy.

This time, he was rougher and bit down on her nipple during her ordeal. Rex grabs Ashley’s hand and manipulated her into masturbating herself as she moaned in pleasure. She was trying to wake up, but the drugs won’t let her.