Limp Foot Fetish Casting - Ashleigh McKenzie

A clip starring Ashleigh, Caroline Pierce

Ashleigh, Caroline Pierce in Limp Foot Fetish Casting - Ashleigh McKenzie

In this clip: chloroform, POV, inspection, foot worship, girl/girl, rolling, willing, amateur, casting, mature, stripping, feet, legs, ass, breasts, genitals, blonde, brunette

This is the top of the foot fetish castings we have ever made. Two professional cameras, two sexy legends, one bed. Caroline Pierce is my assistant, Ashleigh McKenzie is the sleepyfeet model wannabe. I'm behind one of the cameras, while the other one is on tripod. Ashleigh willingly agrees to be put to sleep by my assistant, so that we can strip her body naked and reveal it to you, with focus on her feet. We are professionals, so she trusts us, and she definitely wants to get more work from us, so she definitely lets Caroline putting her to sleep. Once she's gone, Caroline begins undressing her body, enjoying it really much. We talk like two accomplices, as Ashleigh can no longer hear us. As Caroline keeps discovering and showing off, we make comments on her, and the cameras swap all the times to provide you the best view at all times. It is not a staged clip, but rather amateurish and authentic footage. You can see all the gear, and experience the feeling of being on the scene! Her body is revealed to you including the genitals with some open leg shots, and also her feet get inspected and enjoyed by both us, in a non-professional way, as the other one keeps filming. Caroline goes mad for Ashleigh's feet, she really cannot stop making comments, fondle and worship them. Those arches and soles are amazing, and in the end we decide to end the casting and keep having fun with Ashleigh before she wakes up.