Ashleigh McKenzie hypnotized and humiliated

A clip starring Ashleigh

Ashleigh in Ashleigh McKenzie hypnotized and humiliated

In this clip: POV, humiliation, hypnosis, masturbation

Ashleigh is a business woman who goes to a therapist to try giving up smoking; the video is shot POV, from the therapist's point of view. At first they talk, and we find out she is very skeptical about it, but she decides to give it a go anyway. The therapist tries to mesmerize her, but looks like she's still perfectly in control after that. Looks like. She can still talk to him and complain it didn't work, but once he tells her to do something, she does even if her mind doesn't want it!

Just to show her that something worked, he starts by ordering her to raise her arm or stand up; she is puzzled, but still skeptical about it. Anyway, she doesn't like what's going on and asks the therapist to stop. He doesn't... He orders her to start stripping, to show off her body to him, to spread her pussy before his cellphone as he takes pictures, and even to orgasm in front of him. She calls him weirdo and pervert, but can do nothing to stop it. He just makes fun of her and of the situation, as she's powerless but perfectly aware of what's going on.

Until the very last moment she tells him that she's going to get him in trouble, but, once she is ordered to redress and the effect is undone, she instantly forgets everything and feels she doesn't want cigarettes anymore. She feels grateful to him, she will recommend him to her friends.