Hypnotized Ariel Anderssen shows off her feet on command

A clip starring Ariel Anderssen

Ariel Anderssen in Hypnotized Ariel Anderssen shows off her feet on command

In this clip: POV, humiliation, hypnosis, redressing, trance, willing, amateur

Ariel Anderssen goes to a therapist to try quit smoking. She doesn't believe much in the therapy, as she speaks to the therapist (POV), but at some point looks like her body can obey him and move regardless of her will! She's still totally in herself, able to speak and understand everything, but her body obeys to the therapist's orders.
That's when he turns out to be a pervert: he orders her to strip before his eyes, and she can not do anything but obey, even if she doesn't want to do that at all. She swears at him, says that he's going to end in serious trouble, but he goes on ordering her body to show off, and especially her bare feet, which are ordered to stay exposed to the camera, powerlessly teasing.
Once the therapist is done, he starts ending the therapy, by ordering her body to redress; she says she's going to ruin him once she's out of there, but, as soon as the therapy has ended, looks like she doesn't remember anything! She's just happy, feels better and believes he is a true professional.