Anesthetized and foot abused at the dentist

A clip starring Viva

Viva in Anesthetized and foot abused at the dentist

In this clip: injection, foot worship, masturbation, medical, stripping

A sexy, young girl goes to the dentist complaining that her tooth hurts. He says that he is really swamped at the moment but can put her to sleep and keep her body in his office so she doesn't have to wait in pain.

She willingly accepts and soon the dentist finds himself alone with the girl's defenseless body. He cancels all upcoming appointments, strips the poor girl from the waist down and begins a very thorough examination of his patient.

After enjoying her perky breasts and feet he get an idea. He rolls her on her stomach, fucks her delectable soles and after cumming all over them, he rubs her feet together, distributing his cum and letting it dry on her naive little soles.