Sleepy AltSiren Stinky Socks POV

A clip starring AltSiren

AltSiren in Sleepy AltSiren Stinky Socks POV

In this clip: drunk, fainting, POV, sniffing, amateur, socks

AltSiren comes home after a party, so messed up that she collapses asleep on the ground. In a POV style I get in, approach her body and make sure she is out. I go at her feet and I start taking off her shoes, stinky socks and nylon socks. I sniff it all. At some point she starts waking up and I hide behind the couch, still POV spying her, but she is so confused and messed up that she doesn't realize a thing and soon falls asleep again. Finally I leave, carrying her stinky socks away with me.