AltSiren's Body

A clip starring AltSiren

AltSiren in AltSiren's Body

In this clip: face play, hands, inspection, rolling, amateur

AltSiren lays naked on the bed, sleeping in the deepest way. In a POV style I start performing some good face play on her, caressing her hair, opening her mouth, fondling her lips, raising her head and dropping it down. On her face she has that stunning absent expression which is so difficult to find in clips.
Then I start performing a lot of hand play and hand flops, showing her limp hand in a detail you rarely had the chance to see. Finally I start rolling her whole body, on the belly and on the back, multiple times. I even sit her up and let her drop down. Of course I provide some shots of her soles, how could I miss them?
This clip is a Limp Fetish delight!