Akeira Sleepy Photosession

A clip starring Akeira

Akeira in Akeira Sleepy Photosession

In this clip: gas, POV, inspection, sniffing, foot worship, nylons, willing

Akeira, in a sexy dress and lingerie outfit, is having an amateur photosession when the photographer asks her to play limp, but she is not quite able to do that. Akeira gets a pill out and tells the photographer that if she swallows it, she will fall asleep for a couple of hours and he will be free to pose her for his pictures, as the limp play is going to be the real one...

The photographer hesitates, as he's not sure it's safe, but secretly would love to do that so badly, as he has been looking at her legs and feet for so long... When Akeira starts to tease him, telling him that he will be able to do what he wants - for instance with her feet - as she cannot know what's happening, he accepts!

For the rest of the video, we see the perv photographer in action with Akeira's limp body laid down on a massage table: he takes her high heels off, her delicate stockings, and gropes and worships her stunning feet, also taking pictures of them