AirBnb Creep POV Ragdolling - Lucy Lauren

A clip starring Lucy Lauren

Lucy Lauren in AirBnb Creep POV Ragdolling - Lucy Lauren

In this clip: gas, face play, ragdolling, POV, hands, inspection, rolling, amateur

Lucy Lauren checks in with her host, having rented a room for the night. They have some talk and he offers her a tea which has some magic sleep powers, but she doesn't know. Later on, when she is in her room reading a book, she literally collapses in a deep sleep because of it.

The creep walks in the room, very confidently: he knows the tea she had will keep her magically asleep for hours, no matter what he does or how strong he handles her limp body: he's not going to get caught.
He has a camera recording continuously, which he alternates using it POV and on a tripod, depending on whether he needs both hands free or not. There are no cuts and this was filmed in real time, and the creep tries to get always the best angle, so he can use this footage later and wank for years.

He partially strips her body, removes her stockings and shoes, groping her feet a lot and providing lots of shots from all angles. The clip is focused on feet, but there are also butt shots, hand play, eye checks and some good body rolling and tossing around. Of course she doesn't wake up.

She wakes up the morning after, completely unaware of what happened. She talks to the creep host saying she slept very deeply and feels regenerated, so she is totally happy about the experience. The host is happy as well for sure!