Kate and AltSiren the Creepy Host

A clip starring AltSiren, Kate

AltSiren, Kate in Kate and AltSiren the Creepy Host

In this clip: gas, face play, foot worship, girl/girl, stripping

Kate was on a trip to visit some clients. She checked in an Airbnb, run by Altsiren. As she checks in Altsiren offers her some tea. She takes it. She was not aware that Altsiren was not as innocent a landlady as she looked. 
When she gets to her bedroom, Kate suddenly feels very sleepy and is soon fast asleep on the bed. She did not even take off her clothes.

Altsiren crept into the bedroom to find her lodger Kate fast asleep. She explored Kate's body, slowly removing her clothes until she was almost naked. As Kate stirred, Altsiren gently put her hands over Kate's mouth and nose and smothered until she fell back into a sleep. She went back to exploring the woman's body, especially her feet, which she worships with playful passion.

Kate woke up more than once, but AltSiren kept putting her back to sleep by smothering her face with her hand over mouth and nose.