AirBnb Creep POV Ragdolling Stella and Bettie

A clip starring Stella, Bettie Blue

Stella, Bettie Blue in AirBnb Creep POV Ragdolling Stella and Bettie

In this clip: dragging, gas, face play, ragdolling, POV, hands, humiliation, inspection, rolling, amateur, stripping

Italian tourists Stella and Bettie rent a very cheap room at a guy's house. They regret from the start, when the guy shows the space to them. Anyway, he seems to be friendly and also left a bottle of fresh water for them to drink. He seem to be waiting for each one of them to do so, making sure they drink enough... Is that water magic?
Once he sees both had some of the water, he leaves.

The girls start to talk in their own language about how crap the place looks; they regret but after all it was cheap. Anyway, they have never seen a room like that. But, soon, they begin to feel tired and fall asleep...

Later the creep walks up with a camera and starts shaking and bumping the two sleeping bodies vigorously. He knows they can't wake up, or that would definitely worth a negative review, on top of the very bad room. But there is no such risk: he know the tourists' bodies will remain limp for a while, so he ragdolls them, rolls them, exposes their breasts and plays with their limp faces, also groping their feet and partially stripping them!

The camera keeps recording, as he occasionally adjusts it and switches to hand held, with absolutely no cuts, providing realistic footage which is definitely not staged.