AirBnb Creep POV Ragdolling - Lauren

A clip starring Lauren

Lauren in AirBnb Creep POV Ragdolling - Lauren

In this clip: assault, gas, face play, ragdolling, POV, hands, humiliation, inspection, rolling, amateur

This could be the start of a new series: naive beautiful girls ending up getting a room at a creep's house, getting offered a drink which magically drives them into a deep sleep during which the creep host handles a camera and records the ragdolling, collecting footage of victims. The footage is filmed POV with no cuts, so the camera actively goes from tripod to hand held for a mix of wide angles and POV closeups.

In this episode, classy elegant Lauren shows up in a business look, high heels and a trolley. The creep shows her the room and leaves. She relaxes on the bed and drinks the from the magic cup. It's just a matter of time...
Later the creep walks up with a camera and starts shaking and bumping her sleeping body vigorously. He knows she can't wake up, or that would definitely wort a negative review. But there is no such risk: Lauren's body will remain limp for a while, so he opens up her shirt, reveals and makes her boobs bouncing, plays with her limp face and blank eyes, lifts the body and lets it fall backwards, drags it on the bed and vigorously rolls it back and forth, gropes her soles and worships them a little, providing great closeups, and literally trashes her all over the bed like a sack of potatoes.
When she walks down, later, she seems to be quite regenerated and definitely unaware of anything which just happened. It's a secret locked in the creep's hard drive, some hot private footage which he shot POV, by moving the camera without stopping it at all, providing realistic and uncut footage which is definitely not staged.