Honour May AirBnb Limp Mouth Fuck

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Honour May AirBnb Limp Mouth Fuck

In this clip: assault, oral, gas, face play, ragdolling, groping, POV, hands, humiliation, inspection, masturbation, amateur

Pretty serious stuff in this one! Usual amateurish real footage, shot in one real take, but this time using two cameras: the one the weirdo operates  while dodging into the sleeping girl's room, plus a ceiling camera for a wider angle, sometimes showing the guy actually filming the limp with his handheld camera.

The concept is the usual: Honour rents a room at a private host's house, who offers her a special tea with has special "relaxing properties". Plus, Honour is very tired and jet lagged, so basically there is no way to wake her up before the next day, and the host knows that. In fact, later on he sneaks into her bedroom with a camera, recording the abuse.
He tears the duvet off, exposing the girl sleeping in her cute nightie. He shakes, gropes and inspects her body with no hesitation, as he's pretty confident she can't wake up. He ragdolls her on the bed, spreading her legs, fingering and licking her pussy, tossing her around. He takes his dick out and stars slapping it on the sleeping girl's bum and body, also using her limp hand to stroke it... Such a change of attitude and mood compared to when he was being a 5 stars host earlier... But he's going to disrespect the sleepy girl even more! In fact, he drags her head over the edge of the bed, and begins slapping his dick on her sleeping face, opening her mouth, and sliding it in!
He goes on for some time, until in the end he orgasms in her mouth, and the final footage shows her sleeping face, with cum dripping out of her lips.

The next day Honour wakes up super energized, ready to check out. She really had a good sleep and feels like a fresh flower.
On the contrary, the host looks a bit sleepy and tired. he tells her that he didn't sleep well, he got a bit "agitated" during the night. But he's going to get a 5 stars review from the unaware Honour anyway.