AltSiren Afterparty POV Limp Foot Sniffing

A clip starring AltSiren

AltSiren in AltSiren Afterparty POV Limp Foot Sniffing

In this clip: drunk, POV, sniffing, redressing, nylons, amateur

The clip starts off with Altsiren already passed out after a night of partying, and is on the floor laying facedown on her belly. She looks all nice and comfy with a pillow. First, I walk over to check her beautiful face to make sure she's asleep, and then I move over to her feet.

Both of her sneakers slides right off, and then the camera zooms in and out to smell her beautiful white dirty stocking feet. I play with one of  her stockings, pulling on it to make it look baggy on her foot.
Then her stockings are removed, and I start replacing them with a pair of black opaque stockings. As I'm putting the first stocking on, she starts to wake up, so I get out of sight. Altsiren sits up feeling a little embarrassed sleeping with one stocking on and the other off at a strangers house.

She puts the other stocking on (forgetting she was wearing white ones), and pulling her jeans down. Altsiren goes back to what she thinks is a peaceful sleep, but I have a different idea. I move back over and start to lightly tickle her feet and play with her stockings, she giggles looking back at me, and begging me to stop. The clip ends with me sniffing her baggy stocking feet as she goes back to sleep.