NikyH After Party Limp Play Ragdoll

A clip starring Niky H

Niky H in NikyH After Party Limp Play Ragdoll

In this clip: bondage, drunk, fainting, ragdolling, hands, foot worship

This video is in GERMAN language for our German fans!

Niky and her boyfriend return from a party; she is very tired and probably drunk, in fact she collapses on the bed almost immediately. On the contrary, he's well awake and wants to keep having fun. She approaches his limp girlfriend and ties her wrists together with a rope. He begins moving her limp hands in the air like a marionette, dropping them on the bed, and also driving her hands on her body and face as if she is caressing herself.
He then unties the rope, moves Niky on the bed and does the same with her feet, after he tied the rope around her ankles. The game goes on for some time, then he decides to start worshipping her limp feet.
After some time, she wakes up and discovers her boyfriend like this; she enjoys the game, and lets him go on worshipping her feet as she watches...