After party body play and humiliation

A clip starring Juliette, Tessa

Juliette, Tessa in After party body play and humiliation

In this clip: carrying, drunk, humiliation, foot worship, masturbation, stripping

A lovely girl got loaded at a party and is now passed out drunk. Instead of carrying her back home, her friends (two guys and one cute girl) bring her to the kitchen and place her on a prep table where they begin stripping her naked making fun of her powerless situation. They’re making a video of the whole session, so that they can show it to her tomorrow and she can be humiliated by their prank… Their harmless prank quickly becomes much more serious as they give into their lust and inspect her body, all her holes, worship her feet, slap her ass and fuck her mouth. The other girl fingers herself while licking the victims sleeping soles, and they even make fun of her by moving her lips in front of the camera! There is a lot of action, humiliation and fun in this video!