Adreena Sleepy Body Fondling, Handjob and Footjob

A clip starring Adreena

Adreena in Adreena Sleepy Body Fondling, Handjob and Footjob

In this clip: cumshot, groping, footjob, inspection, foot worship, massage, masturbation, medical, redressing, willing, stripping

Adreena willingly agrees to be put to sleep (off screen) to have her body used for pleasure. We see her laying on a massage table, completely out, as the evil doctor comes in and starts stripping her body, groping her. He pulls his dick out and uses her her limp hands to masturbate, and moves back and forth to her limp feet, worshipping her soles, slapping his dick on them, and then back using her hands and groping her ass and breasts while she cannot know what's going on!
In the end he fucks her limp soles, in a sleepy footjob, and coms all over them! Finally he cleans his cum off the limp soles, and redressed the body leaving her there.