Addie Juniper's body for lease and fuck

A clip starring Addie Juniper

Addie Juniper in Addie Juniper's body for lease and fuck

In this clip: carrying, cumshot, ragdolling, groping, fucking, inspection, foot worship, rolling, nylons, willing, stripping

"Are you sure there's no other way? I'll do anything else!" "Maybe the police would find this more interesting?" "ok, ok! Just... just keep this quiet!" A crooked realtor is caught at the head of a Ponzi scheme. Instead of going to the police, our Hero blackmails her in to signing a contract where she must ingest an experimental drug that will put her in a deep coma for exactly one week. The contract gives our Hero exclusive and full rights to her body for that full week. We can see here our hero taking liberal use of his newly earned rights! He carries away the sedated, unscrupulous realtor, strips her and begins a thorough inspection of her body. A lot of rolling around, fondling, limb flopping and posing. He saves the best for last as he finishes with a LONG sequence of him fucking her unconscious body, her gorgeous limp bare feet dangling uselessly with every long, luxurious stroke. This is one hot video that must not be missed!