Against Cruelty to Models

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 in Against Cruelty to Models

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Molly is doing a photo shoot with the big-time animal activists, A.C.T.A. (Against Cruelty To Animals) so the night before she asks her blog community for some poses to use, of animals that are stuffed, frozen solid. After showing a few of her own she says it is time to rest, well in the night someone came and grabbed her, gave her a drug that makes you catatonic, playable, and frozen stiff. Chris talks to her agent, telling him it is a full time gig now that she is the poser and model for A.C.T.A., and even though she was a pain in the ass, we shut her up. Chris takes photos of her while he poses her in many different positions, all after animals that are stuffed. She is perfect for his face manipulation too, and he does it all, slowly undressing her during the process. She is a life like doll that can be used to his liking. After he is done with her he poses her in the last position to send her management the proofs, so they can pay him, then he will ship her off to the next photo shoot!