Roomate Ragdoll Footfuck

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 in Roomate Ragdoll Footfuck

In this clip: assault, carrying, dragging, face play, ragdolling, groping, footjob, fucking, hands, inspection, masturbation, rolling, stripping

Karma owns a house, she rents rooms to people and her roommate Chris she wants to move out because he creeps her out. She is rude to him trying to hurry him, but unexpectedly he puts her to sleep. Chris ragdolls her hard, playing with the body for a while, in different positions, crunching her into a ball, then dropping her limp hand. He does all kinds of flopping, bending, undressing, worshipping the feet, then carrying and more extreme ragdolling. He is so strong and vigorous that her body seems to have no weight at all, as he drops and tosses her around! This is just the beginning, but hey, it's 23 minutes of pure limp fetish! After a very long time kissing, sucking, fucking her pussy (simusex but looking great), and rubbing his dick on her feet, he gets the idea to fuck her feet. He flips her around, and over the arm of the couch fucking her wet pussy hard before doing her feet. This excites him so much, he spends lots of time fucking her soles, and her feet. He fucks them in many different positions before cumming on her oiled up feet, and finally tosses her down.